Phil Kean, who is only the 20th person to receive the prestigious Commission from  the National Association of Home Builders  for his American Dream Home 2012 shares the story on ‘Designing His Dream Life’ in an exclusive interview with

Phil, who as a young man wanted to become an architect, put that career on hold to successfully pursue other business interests.

At 40, he decided it was now or never, and Phil Kean is now creating some of the most cutting edge homes in the United States.

In the video interview with, which uses extensive footage from the video created by Uneek Luxury Tours of the American Dream Home 2012, Phil talks about the “technoligical and ecological wonder” that the dream home is which makes it an architectural masterpiece.

He enjoys blending architecture with art, and the art included in the American Dream Home 2012 provides the ultimate personal expression.

Uneek was privileged to be able to assist in showcasing the American Dream Home 2012 with a high definition video and high resolution photos and appreciates that used extensive footage from in it in the interview with Phil Kean. Congratulations to Phil on his  masterpiece, bringing to reality the dream home of the 21st Century and the recognition he is receiving on his work.

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Enjoy your virtual visit to the American Dream Home 2012.

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Mid-20th Century America made its debut in a 21st Century context with the unveiling of the New American Home 2012, designed and built by Phil Kean Designs, by the National Association of Home Builders in Orlando, FL, recently. Rob Turner designed the home.
Marcelle Sussman Fischler, who writes for Yahoo Real Estate described the home as  “a warmer take on the classic ‘White Box’ of mid-20th century modern design”. Fischler also noted that the 4,200 square foot, $3.5 million gray stone and glass home has free flowing entertaining spaces,  floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, a stone staircase with open risers, clear glass balustrades and clean geometric lines, tempered by dark wood cabinets, area rugs and soft furnishings.
Phil Kean commented that while it honors the architecture of the past, the New American  Home 2012 reflects lifestyle priorities that are important to people today — details rather than size, leading edge technology, and functional and transitional spaces that have a style and feel that evokes calm and serenity.  All this in addition to the architectural significance and environmentally sensitive details found throughout.

Captured on video by Uneek Luxury Tours LLC of Orlando, the result  was described as a “stunning piece of work’ by a writer with Australia based Photography for Real Estate —  the camera captures the very essence of the home, recognizing that Phil Kean was not only the builder, but the architect  too.  The designer was Rob Turner of CRT Studio.

For Uneek,  the experience of shooting  the 2012 American Home this year was as pleasant as ever. Uneek also shot the New American Dream Home 2011.

Working with Phil Kean and his team was another  great experience for team Uneek. The New American Home is a special place. It is not your typical big ritzy style mansion. All space is used very  well with just over 4000 sq ft with very modern clean fine lines. 

This modern feel is a big reason why Phil Kean is one of the builders who is busy and will continue to stay busy. Less is more nowadays and that’s what Phil Kean designs brings to the table. Everything you can want or need in a home without wasting massive amounts of space. Stay tuned for the next big Phil Kean build. We look forward to working with Phil again.”!/uneekluxurytour